What is the breast capsulectomy surgery procedure?

There are two types of surgery: total capsulectomy and sub-total capsulectomy.

In the first type, the whole of the capsule is removed and the breast implant is replaced with a new one.

The sub-total capsulectomy involves the partial removal of the capsule, but only if the implant has not broken or moved.

Either way, the implant will probably be removed.

The idea is to remove the troublesome capsule and insert a new implant which will last longer than the previous one.

Your surgeon has several options open to him/her regarding the incision and positioning of the implant. This will depend on your body type and personal recommendations.

Your surgeon will break open the scar tissue of the capsule which releases the tension, and remove this.  He/she will then make an incision is either the crease underneath the breast, the armpit or the edge of the areola. This is where the new implant will be inserted.

The incisions are then closed with fine stitches which are either dissolvable or non-dissolvable ones. He/she will place tapes over the stitches for additional support. A light dressing will also be put in place.

This surgery takes around 1.5 hours to 3 hours to perform and is usually done under a general anaesthetic. It usually means an overnight stay in hospital although in some cases, it can be done as day surgery. It is more complex than breast augmentation surgery.

Be aware that there is always the risk of this hardening occurring again.

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