Am I suitable for liposelection?

If you are in good physical and mental health, have a sense of reality about what this procedure can achieve and want to improve your appearance then this may be a good choice of procedure.

It is not the answer to chronic weight gain or obesity. It is designed to remove pockets of fat which remain impervious to diet and exercise.

Like liposuction, it is suitable for both men and women. However, if you are aged over 40 then you may find that the results aren’t as good as they are for a younger person. This is because older skin has less elasticity than a younger skin.

As with any cosmetic procedure, your suitability will be decided by your surgeon who will take various factors into account such as your medical history, your overall health and your motivations.

Liposelection is not advisable for those patients who suffer from poor circulation, heart or lung problems or diabetes. If you have a tendency to bad scarring (angry red scars) o0r poor healing then this may rule you out.

If you are interested in this procedure and cosmetic surgery in general then make sure you are fully informed before making a decision. Our General FAQs and specialist FAQs sections, such as Abdominoplasty, contain plenty of information on a whole range of procedures. They also discuss the treatment process in detail, which includes finding a surgeon, what to ask him or her and the procedure itself.

It is a good idea to talk to your family doctor first. He or she will listen sympathetically to your reasons for liposelection and will give you an objective opinion.

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