What do I have to do before breast capsulectomy surgery?

If you are satisfied with everything your surgeon has told you and have agreed to surgery you will then have to prepare for this surgery.

This will be familiar to you as you have undergone cosmetic surgery before. If you need to refresh your memory then have a look at our Breast Augmentation FAQs section. As this problem is linked to breast augmentation then this is a good place for that information.

That section contains advice on what preparations you need to do beforehand. This includes asking someone to help you during your first few days at home, arranging time off work, ensuring you have enough painkillers and medications (if required) and what to do if something goes wrong.

If you smoke then you will have to stop two weeks before surgery. You will also have to refrain from smoking for at least two weeks after surgery. It would be better if you could stop altogether and if you need any help with this then your surgeon can recommend a smoking cessation programme.

We do recognise that this can be difficult and takes time so as long as you can manage not to smoke either before or after, then that will help. You will also find that your surgeon will not perform this procedure if you are still smoking.

If you have any allergies then it is important that you mention these. Your surgeon will take a full medical history so please be honest with this.

If you are taking any non-prescriptive medicine such as vitamin supplements, ginseng, evening primrose oil or garlic then you will have to stop taking these. There is evidence to show that these can interfere with the healing process.

If you are taking any prescribed medicine then also mention these.

Try not to arrange your surgery at the time of your period. Menstruation causes the breasts to swell which is also painful.

Take some time to think through everything and remember that you can always change your mind. However, if you have capsular contracture then this can be painful and will not go away on its own. If it is causing distress then surgery is required.

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