Can I get help towards paying for my breast capsulectomy surgery?

You will have to pay for this procedure. It is a corrective surgery which is performed to release thickened scar tissue over breast implants. This can happen if you have had breast augmentation surgery.

The NHS does not normally pay for cosmetic procedures as it is seen as something you have chosen to have done of your own free will. Breast augmentation is one such procedure which includes capsular contracture as a long term complication.

The health authorities will assume that you were aware of the risk when you opted for surgery. Plus, capsulectomy is only undertaken if the capsules that have formed are causing you physical and/or mental distress.

The options open to you are paying for it yourself via savings or some other means or taking out a loan. If you opt to take out a loan then you have the choice of applying for one from your bank or building society or from your cosmetic surgery provider.

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