I am interested in breast capsulectomy surgery what do I do next?

Make sure you know as much as you can about this procedure. Read through all the literature you can find. Trawl through articles on the internet. Speak to other women who have this procedure. You can also talk to your GP.

Speak to the surgeon who performed your breast implant surgery. Ask him/her for advice. If not then you will have to find a reputable surgeon who performs this procedure. Visit our Cosmetic Surgery: General FAQs for advice on finding a surgeon.

If your surgeon feels that the capsules have grown to such a point that they are affecting your physical well being then he/she will recommend further surgery. This can involve freeing up the scar tissue and reinserting the implant. He/she may decide to insert a completely new implant.

You will undergo the same process that you underwent for your breast augmentation surgery. You overall health will be checked and your surgeon will discuss the pro’s and con’s of this surgery in detail with you.

Consider the costs and how you are going to pay for this. The NHS is unlikely to pay so you will have to cover the costs yourself. If you have private health insurance then they too are unlikely to pay but check with them first.

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