Non-surgical treatment for varicose veins

This section contains information about the various non-surgical ways of treating varicose veins.

These include:

As you can see these range from treatments which you can do yourself at home, such as wearing compression stockings through to minimally invasive treatment such as ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.

Your GP will be able to explain these treatments to you or your vascular specialist. The GP will refer you for treatments such as those listed above but the criteria for this process will depend upon your local Primary Care Trust (PCT). 

The treatment you have will depend upon a variety of factors which include the extent of your varicose veins; how easy (or not) it is to access your varicose veins and your weight plus body mass index (BMI).

There are many people who manage their condition without the need for treatment. They apply a few common sense measures without having to visit their GP which include elevating their legs, watching their weight and keeping active.

You may find this works for you. But also think about the treatments mentioned above.

Guide to Varicose Veins

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