What will happen on the day of my facelift surgery?

On the day of the surgery itself, have a shower but do not apply any make up or jewellery afterwards.

Wear something comfortable to travel in such as a loose jogging type suit or any other soft, comfortable clothing.

Have someone drive you to the clinic or the hospital.

As soon as you arrive you will have the admissions process to go through. This is standard procedure and requires you to complete some forms. Once you have done this you will then be shown to your room.

In your room you will be given a hand to unpack and in general, to settle in. If you have already paid for your surgeries then don’t worry, you can pay ‘on the day’. A cashier will visit you to complete this. Most patients prefer to have done this before their surgery.

A nurse will visit you and perform routine pre-surgery checks which include blood and urine samples, blood pressure, height and weight. You may also be asked for details of your next of kin and other such information.

You will be given a theatre gown to change into and a pair of compression stockings. These stockings are very similar to the ‘flight socks’ you can buy at your local chemists and are designed to prevent deep vein thrombosis. There is a risk of blood clots forming during long periods of inactivity.

You may also be given an injection of a blood thinning drug.

Your surgeon will come and see you. This is designed to put you at your ease and to answer any last minute questions you may have.

If you have not signed a consent form then you will be given this to sign. Read it carefully and ask if you see anything you don’t understand. If you are okay with this then sign the form.

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