How do I prepare for my facelift surgery?

You will have been given a list of what to do before your surgery. This will include instructions on stopping smoking (if you are a smoker) and what medications you can or cannot take.

You are looking at a one, maybe two nights in hospital followed by a few weeks recovery. When you arrive home after your operation the last thing you want to be doing is to do any of your usual household jobs. So, this is the time when you make arrangements for after your surgery. This means asking someone (or your partner) to drive you to and from the hospital and help out at home.

If you don’t have a partner then ask a member of your family or a friend to help out.

What may help is to make out a ‘To Do’ list and tick each item off as you do it. There is more information on this in our other specialist FAQs sections.

So, make sure that any important household tasks will be taken care of; if you have children that someone can keep an eye on them; that any kitchen or bathroom items are within easy reach and that you avoid any unnecessary bending, stretching or straining.

Have a supply of meals in, or cook a range of meals in advance, freeze them and taken them out on a daily basis. For the first couple of weeks after surgery you will not feel up to cooking or doing any other household tasks.

Make sure that you have ordered enough supplies of painkillers and any other medications if so required.

Rather than leave these things to the last minute, take advantage of this time to do so. This includes booking time off work. You are looking at three weeks off work so arrange this well in advance.

There will be scarring from this surgery so you may want to grow your hair so that it covers these scars (if you have short hair).

The day before your surgery, pack a small bag or case with nightwear, dressing gown and slippers and your toiletries. If you wear glasses or contact lenses then make sure you take your glasses case or spare lenses with you. Pack a few magazines or books.

Leave any valuables at home.

Do not eat or drink anything at least 6 hours before surgery.

You will have been given a list of what to bring with you to the hospital.

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