I am interested in a facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) what do I do next?

If you are seriously considering this procedure then your next step is to learn as much as you can about it. Your aim is to be as fully informed as possible before making a decision.

This means reading around the subject. Read through articles, books, published papers and websites. If you are trawling through the internet then only look at professional sites such as the General Medical Council, BAAPS or BAPRAS, The British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons or NHS Choices. These are all reputable sites which contain sound, objective information.

If you know of anyone who has undergone this surgery then talk to them about this. Another good source of information is a patients support group. It always helps to talk to people who have undergone the same type of surgery that you are looking at and these might be able to help.

Your GP is another good source of help and advice. Don’t feel that he or she will dismiss your concerns as frivolous or unimportant. He/she will be impartial and understanding and can give good advice. He or she will also be able to recommend a surgeon.

As well as asking other people for their views on this procedure it is a good idea to ask yourself as well. There is a rising demand for cosmetic surgery which is in response to changing attitudes and our obsession with fame and celebrity. We are all much more concerned with our appearances and the desire to look and feel good has become even more important in our competitive society.

This surgery will improve your appearance and your self-confidence but it cannot achieve perfection or completely change your life. You should have cosmetic surgery because YOU want to and not for anyone else. All surgery is risky and as long as you are aware of this and are realistic about what it can achieve then it is a good option.

It tends to work best for those patients who have given it plenty of thought, have researched it thoroughly and are satisfied with their reasons for wanting this surgery. This combined with a highly skilled and experienced surgeon will ensure the results you want.

It is a major decision. Surgery is surgery whether it is undertaken for aesthetic, reconstructive or other reasons. It will make a huge demand upon yourself, your time and your finances.

Your next step is to find a reputable surgeon.

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