Q3. Who is most likely to get varicose veins

A3. Many groups of people are affected by varicose veins.

Statistically, more women than men develop varicose veins which occur for several reasons. These include pregnancy, oral contraceptives and the menopause.

Varicose veins also run in families. If someone in your family has suffered from varicose veins then there is strong chance that you will do the same. Heredity plays a part.

Older people are more likely to develop varicose veins which are due to normal wear and tear. The veins lose their strength over time which also weakens them. This also affects the valves within the veins which impairs the circulation.

Overweight or obese people are at increased risk of varicose veins. This extra weight puts additional pressure on the veins which causes them to expand and twist out of shape. This forces them against the surface of the skin and disrupts the normal flow of blood through these veins.

People who have a job in which they are required to stand on their feet for many hours, or are sat at a desk for a prolonged period of time are also at risk.

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