How much does blepharoplasty / eyelid surgery cost?

Costs for individual cosmetic procedures will vary from one surgeon to another. Each surgeon will charge their own fees plus there are the costs of the medical care, anaesthetist, special equipment (if required), aftercare etc. Every patient is different and this can be reflected in the prices.

If you are looking on the internet for a cosmetic provider then you will see that many of them do not list their prices. This is due to the reasons listed above. You will have to contact the provider to obtain an individual quote.

There are some clinics and/or hospitals which do display their prices. Plus, organisations such as BUPA will have guidelines on costs and what you can, roughly, expect to pay.

Keep in mind that the costs of this surgery will differ from one country to another. Cosmetic surgery is very often cheaper in another country but if you are thinking of going abroad for surgery then consider this decision very carefully. What looks like a good deal might not be such as bargain after all!

As a guide you could be looking at paying £3,000 to £4,300 for blepharoplasty in the UK. If you choose to go abroad then prices can range from £1,050 to £2,400 although this is a guide only.

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