What will happen on the day of my blepharoplasty?

The big day has finally arrived. Have a shower when you get up but don’t apply any make up afterwards. Do not eat or drink anything.

Have someone drive you to the hospital or clinic.

When you arrive the medical staff will on hand to greet you and to help you settle in. There is the admissions process to go through but don’t worry, this doesn’t take long and is standard procedure.

This procedure requires you to complete a series of forms. They will ask for your name, address, age etc. This is just routine stuff.

Once you have done this then you will be shown to your room. If your partner or friend has come with you then they can stay with you until you are ready to go to theatre. You are looking at an overnight stay although in certain circumstances you can be treated as a day case. But, this usually applies to those patients who are having surgery on their upper eyelids only.

A nurse will help you unpack your bag and with putting your things away. Have your dressing gown, slippers and nightwear close to hand. You can bring food and drink with you but you will not be allowed this until after your surgery. Speak to your surgeon about this.

As soon as you are settled in then the nurse will perform some routine pre-operative checks. These include checking your height, weight and blood pressure. He/she will also take blood and urine samples.

You will be given a pair of special compression stockings to wear and, may be given an injection of a blood thinning drug called Heparin. This is designed to reduce the risk of blood clots which can form as a result of inactivity. You will also be given a theatre gown to change into.

As regards paying for your procedure; most patients prefer to pay for their surgery before they arrive at the hospital as it is out of the way so to speak. However, you can pay on the day and a cashier will visit you to settle the payment.

Your surgeon will visit you to see how things are and to answer any last minute questions you may have. He/she will know that you are feeling a bit apprehensive and will do their best to reassure you. Ask as many questions as you want to. If you have not signed a consent form then you will be given one to do so. This is what is known as ‘informed consent’ in that you fully understand that the procedure is and are happy for it to go ahead.

Read through this form very carefully and if there is anything you don’t understand then ask. Do not sign until you are ready to.

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