What does recovery from blepharoplasty eyelid surgery involve?

Your eyes will be swollen and bruised for the first couple of weeks but will ease after then. They will also feel very dry, sticky or itchy but eye drops will help with this.

You will have to return to the clinic or hospital after 5 days to have your stitches removed. This only applies if you have had the non-dissolvable sutures. Once the stitches have been removed then there will be scarring but these will be very small and difficult to see with the naked eye.

You may not feel like going out or seeing people and this can last for a couple of weeks. As regards time off work then you are looking at a week at the most but everyone is different. If you are concerned about your appearance and people seeing you then do arrange to take a couple of weeks off.

Do not wear any make up until you have had your stitches removed and even then, leave it for a further couple of days.

As with any surgery, you are best to take things easy during the first week post-surgery. Get plenty of rest and fluids and do not overexert yourself. If something does go wrong then contact your surgeon instantly if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Chest pains and/or shortness of breath
  • Infection
  • Excessive pain
  • Excessive bleeding

You may notice that your vision is a bit blurry during this time but don’t worry, this is completely normal and it will return to normal. If you normally wear contact lenses then leave these out for the first week.

You will be advised to wear dark glasses for the first couple of weeks as these will protect your eyes from direct sunlight and other weather conditions. If you are in the house then this is not too much of a problem but if you need to go out then dark glasses do help.

You will be advised to elevate your head as much as you can during the first week. Sit upright or use pillows or cushions to do so. This will help to ease the swelling and bruising. This swelling will ease about 10 days after surgery.

After 10 days you will feel well enough to resume your normal everyday activities. But, avoid any bending, stretching and lifting for the next few weeks. This also applies to sports.

Ideally, avoid playing any sport for three weeks after your surgery.

It can be four to six months before you have made a full recovery and are at your best. It can even take longer than that.

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