Can I get help towards paying for my blepharoplasty / eyelid surgery ?

The NHS does not usually pay for cosmetic surgery. It is seen as something you choose to have done (elective) rather than medically essential. Unless you can show that your condition is causing you severe physical and/or mental distress then they are unlikely to pay.

However, there are exceptions to the rule and this is no different. If you have eyelids which are drooping so much that they are obscuring your vision then the NHS might pay. This may be classed as surgery undertaken for corrective reasons rather than aesthetic ones only.

This is not an automatic right: it will require you to obtain a letter of referral from your GP. You will also have to undergo a psychological assessment with an NHS psychiatrist or psychologist.

If this not an option then you will have to find a private clinic or hospital. Do your homework carefully. Make sure you find a reputable surgeon. Think about why you want surgery and weigh these reasons up against the risks of surgery, because, unfortunately there are risks. No surgery is 100% safe.

Have a look at How do I find a reputable surgeon, for more information on choosing a surgeon. And visit what questions to ask a prospective surgeon.

If you are thinking of going ‘private’ then you can either pay for the surgery yourself or, if you have private health insurance, see if your insurer will cover the costs.  Be aware that most insurance providers do not include cosmetic surgery as they view cosmetic surgery in the same way as the NHS. In other words, it is done for reasons of physical enhancement.

Cosmetic surgery is much cheaper than it used to be and has become affordable for a great many people. You may choose to pay for surgery via your savings or some other financial means. If not then there is the option of taking out a loan.

You can apply for this via a specialist medical or cosmetic surgery insurer or through the clinic where you are thinking of having surgery. Many cosmetic providers operate a loan scheme which is very similar to the ones you see on the high street. They will offer competitive terms and conditions.

And, there is always the option of applying for a personal loan from your bank or building society.

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