How do I find a reputable surgeon for liposuction surgery?

This is extremely important. The results of your surgery and your long term health depend on the skill and expertise of your surgeon. The better and more experienced he/she is the happier you will be with the results.

You also have to consider that you are literally, placing your life in this persons’ hands. All surgery has risks and even though these are very rare complications do occur. A good surgeon will run through the procedure with you, taking time to explain each part of the process and what you can expect. He or she will not force you into making a decision or pressurise you into having surgery if your general health is not good.

A reputable surgeon will be concerned with your health above all other concerns which includes money. If there is the risk of complications because of underlying health problems then he/she will caution you against surgery.

Each of the FAQs on this site has guidelines on finding a surgeon.

Good places to start include asking your GP and speaking to anyone else who has had this procedure as they will be able to recommend their own surgeon. Contact professional medical organisations such as The General Medical Council (The GMC), The British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, BAPRAS and BAAPS.

Not only do you want a surgeon who is highly qualified and competent but is also want someone you like and trust. You want a surgeon you can form a rapport with and who you feel is compassionate and sympathetic to your wishes.

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