Can I have liposuction surgery abroad?

This is an option but think about it very carefully. Regulations and standards of treatment and care do differ from here in the UK.

The main thing is to find a reputable surgeon and clinic and look at what the quote covers. Don’t forget that you will have to arrange your flight and accommodation so factor this into your costs.

Our Cosmetic Surgery: General FAQs section contains some very useful information on this. Going abroad for cosmetic surgery is also mentioned in each of our individual FAQs sections.

It can sound very attractive; the thought of having liposuction and recovering in a sun-drenched location but the reality can be somewhat different. Sadly, there have been cases of people having cosmetic surgery in another country only for it to go horribly wrong. The consequences are disfigurement and long term complications which the NHS is then called upon to deal with.

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