I am interested in liposuction surgery what do I do next?

Your best course of action is to learn as much as you can about liposuction so that you are in a position to make an informed decision. This means researching the subject, talking to other patients, asking for advice from your GP and comparing the services of a range of clinics.

This is covered in more detail in the other FAQs.

You need to be 100% sure that this surgery is for you. It cannot cure obesity or weight issues in general. The only way of ensuring that you remain at a healthy weight is to eat properly and take exercise. This procedure tends to work best on those patients who already do so but find that there are a few areas of fat which they cannot shift. It is also useful for women who have given birth and find it hard to shift stubborn pockets of fat.

Be realistic about what it can achieve and you won’t be disappointed. It can get rid of those hard to remove areas of fat which will leave you with a shapely, trim figure.

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