Can I go abroad for cosmetic surgery?

It is tempting to go abroad for cosmetic treatment as many clinics are cheaper than the UK. There is also the opportunity to stay for a period of time and treat it is a ‘holiday’. The thought of having treatment and then recuperating in an exotic location is very hard to resist!

You can opt to go abroad but think carefully before you do so.

There are risks with this option. As with any service there are unlicensed clinics and unscrupulous surgeons. What you need to consider is if something goes wrong with your procedure, can it be put right or will you have to find a UK based surgeon?

Can you afford to fly back out to the country where you had the surgery if something goes wrong afterwards?

Aftercare is a very important part of the cosmetic surgery process: if you have the surgery here in the UK then you are not far away from your surgeon or clinic. However, this becomes a problem if you have had this treatment abroad.

A sad fact of this is that many UK surgeons are seeing cases of ‘botched’ surgery or post-surgery complications. In effect they have to pick up the pieces. They are seeing people who have had surgery performed by unqualified or inexperienced surgeons. People who have been tempted by what looks like a great deal only for it to turn out to be a nightmare!

It may appear to be cheaper but you might find that you have to pay out for any extras such as aftercare. And some clinics may not provide this at all. Add in the cost of the flight and any optional extras and that great deal might turn out to be more expensive than you think.

Whether you go abroad or stay in the UK, go by your ‘gut feelings’. If the clinic or surgeon doesn’t seem right or suitable for you then go somewhere else.

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