Who should consider cosmetic surgery?

A4. Anyone can be considered for cosmetic surgery although there are age limits – both upper and lower. However, it does depend on the procedure. Many surgeons will recommend an upper age limit of 50 although it is not uncommon to hear about patients in the 60’s and 70’s undergoing cosmetic surgery.

In regard to the minimum age for surgery, you do hear of teenagers opting for surgery: although health professionals would prefer that surgery is not performed on under 18’s.

It is important to bear in mind that cosmetic surgery is not the answer to any deep psychological problems. It can improve your appearance but not any serious long-term issues.

Ideally, you should be in good health, preferably a non-smoker and a realistic set of expectations. That last item is very important: it is so easy to get carried away with images of celebrities and models.

Many people ask to look like their favourite film star, model or celebrity without realising that these pictures are often airbrushed or altered in some other way. What they are seeing is often an unrealistic look. Plus many of these models are the exception rather than the norm. Most ‘ordinary’ women do not look like that and it is difficult if not impossible to achieve that look. And whilst cosmetic surgery can achieve great results it cannot perform miracles!

The main things to ask yourself are why do you want surgery, are you doing this for yourself or someone else, are you looking to change your appearance or your life and will it improve your employment/promotion prospects.

If you are looking to change an aspect of your appearance then cosmetic surgery can help but tends to work best when combined with other lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise.

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