What will recovery from Cosmetic surgery involve?

If you have had a general anaesthetic then you will have been taking to a high dependency unit after your surgery. Once the medical staff are satisfied with your progress then you will be returned to your room.

Once there, a nurse will perform some additional checks which include blood pressure, and will check the surgical wound as well.

You will be encouraged to get up and move around as much as you can as this helps to prevent blood clots. You may have some small tubes inserted into the surgical wound which are used to drain off any excess fluids. These will be removed in a day or so.

You will experience some soreness and bruising after your procedure but you will be given medication to control the pain. This is entirely normal and will ease after a short period of time. If you have had facial surgery then you can use Cosmetic Camouflage make up to disguise the signs of bruising.

Everyone is different when it comes to recovery. Generally, you will be advised to rest and take things easy after your surgery. If you have had stitches then you will be asked to return to the clinic/hospital for removal of these unless they are the dissolvable type.

You may have to take a week or more off work. In that time, take it easy and ask someone to help you with normal everyday tasks during that time. Don’t overdo it. In that time you may have to wear loose fitting clothing which doesn’t rub against the surgical wound but again, this depends on the type of surgery you have had. This is particularly relevant for those patients who have had a breast lift or obesity surgery.

As regards physical activities such as sport; if you play sport then, depending on your surgery, you may have to wait for 6 weeks or more before resuming that activity. It all depends on the type of cosmetic procedure that you have had.

You will have a follow up consultation after your surgery. This depends on the type of procedure you have had but it can vary from one week to three months. You will be able to contact your surgeon and his/her team at any time following your surgery. You will be given these contact details at the clinic or hospital.

Cosmetic surgery is usually successful but if you experience any of the following symptoms then contact your surgeon immediately:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Intense pain
  • Shortness of breath or a rapid heartbeat
  • Infection

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