How do I prepare for cosmetic surgery?

Your surgeon may advise you to follow a pre-surgery regime beforehand. This could include stopping smoking – if you are a smoker as this slows down the healing process and following a diet and exercise plan.

You may have to take time off work so make sure you arrange that with your employer.

If you are taking any medication, such as nutritional supplements, then you may have to stop taking these before surgery. There is the risk of them reacting with the anaesthetic and any drugs used during or after the surgery.

It is a good idea to stop taking these at least two weeks before your cosmetic procedure.

If you are having a general anaesthetic then you will have been advised beforehand about eating and drinking before surgery. In general, the advice is to have your last meal or drink 6 hours before your surgery. If you are taking any medications prescribed by your GP then still take them as normal which includes the day of your procedure. However, check with your surgeon beforehand.

You should have been given a list of instructions of what to do before your cosmetic procedure. Make sure you stick to these even if they seem a bit trivial as there is usually a very good reason why you should do so. It is better to discuss these with your surgeon rather than ignoring any of them as it could impact upon your treatment.

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