What are the risks of cosmetic surgery?

All forms of surgery are risky and cosmetic surgery is no exception. There are, what might be termed ‘general’ risks: these are risks which apply to all types of surgery and include blood clots, infection, bleeding and scarring. Anaesthesia can also be risky although advances in medical technology mean that this is very rare. However there can be complications in a small minority of cases.

Every patient is an individual. They will all react differently to the treatment. Scarring is an issue and whilst every effort is made to minimise them they do still occur. This is more of a problem with ethnic minorities who, because of their darker skins are prone to thicker, raised scars or ‘keloid’ scars.

If you are in less than perfect health then there will be increased risks during surgery. If you have a history of heart disease or are overweight then you are at a greater risk of complications from a general anaesthetic. These complications can take the form of a stroke due to raised blood pressure or an abnormal heart rhythm. However, these are still rare.

Unfortunately, there have been several cases in the media, of people who have died after cosmetic surgery. These are likely to have occurred as a result of surgery performed by unlicensed surgeons or surgeons who do not specialise in cosmetic surgery.

Another risk linked to this is that it is a fast growing market and a lucrative one as well. It can prove tempting to unscrupulous or ‘greedy’ practitioners who see this specialism as an easy way of making money. And there is no shortage of people who want cosmetic procedures.

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