Who should consider breast asymmetry surgery?

Some women suffer from a condition called ‘tuberous’ breasts. Basically, this is where the breasts are shaped like tubes hence the name. They have a narrow base and the base of the breast is tubular shaped rather than the normal ‘cone’ shape.

For these women surgery can help by using breast implants which will increase the size and help to give a natural, ‘rounded’ appearance.

It can also help if you have one nipple positioned differently from the other.

If you have one breast which is different in size or shape from the other then breast asymmetry surgery is an option. It can either increase the size via breast enlargement or reducing the size via breast reduction surgery.

There is a rare condition called ‘Polands’ Syndrome’: this is where one breast fails to develop because the tissues responsible for its development are missing. These tissues are located within the chest wall.

Tissue expanders can be inserted into the chest area which fills the breast tissue, causing it to stretch.

If this condition is causing you psychological distress then cosmetic surgery can help. If you are in good health, aged 18 and over and are realistic about the procedure then you are suitable for surgery. In regard to age, surgeons prefer to operate on women aged over 18 but they can make an exception if you are aged 16 or 17.

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