Can I get help towards paying for my breast asymmetry surgery?

You may find that if you can demonstrate psychological distress as a result of your condition then the NHS will pay for surgery. You will have to meet a specific set of criteria to do so. However, don’t assume that this is a given: the NHS is strapped for cash and funds are allocated according to need and priority.

In a great many cases, you will have to pay for this yourself.

The NHS sees cosmetic surgery as an ‘elective’ surgery: by this they mean it is something that you choose to have done rather than a necessity. It is also seen as a lifestyle option.

If the NHS won’t pay for this procedure then your options are paying for it yourself out of savings or some other resource or taking out a loan. If you opt for a loan then you can either find a specialist medical loan provider such as First Medical Loans or use your provider’s loan scheme. Many cosmetic providers will have their own specialist finance scheme which operates in much the same way as loans administered by your bank or building society. They will offer competitive terms and conditions and you repay the loan on a monthly basis.

You can also apply for a personal loan from your bank or building society to pay for your surgery.

If you have private medical insurance and are thinking of using this to pay for surgery then you are likely to be disappointed. Most insurance providers do not cover cosmetic surgery as they see it as not ‘medically essential’. They will probably treat it as a lifestyle choice. Check with your insurance company but in the vast majority of cases they do not pay out for cosmetic surgery.

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