What will happen on the day of my breast asymmetry surgery?

On the day of your surgery get up and have a shower. Put on something loose and comfortable to wear (a soft jogging style suit is ideal). If you wear contact lenses then make sure you remove these before your surgery. If you wear glasses then bring these in a case. Do not put on any make up or jewellery.

Leave any valuables at home.

As you arrive at the clinic/hospital the medical staff will help you to settle in. You will have to go through the admission process first. This is standard procedure and involves you filling in forms with your name, address, age etc. Once you have done this you will then be shown to your room. Your partner/family member/friend can stay with you until you are fully settled in.

When you get to your room, unpack your bag and make sure you have your dressing gown, slippers and nightwear to hand. Place your books and/or magazines where you can reach them. You can bring in items of food and drink although you will not be allowed to have these until after your surgery.

A nurse will come and see you to see if you have settled in. He/she will also perform some routine, pre-operative tests. This will include checking your blood pressure and taking blood and urine samples. She/he may also check your height, weight and note down details of your next of kin.

You will be given a pair of compression stockings to wear which help to prevent the formation of blood clots. If you are inactive for any period of time then there is the risk of blood clots or ‘deep vein thrombosis’. Special compression stockings can help to prevent this as can an injection of Heparin, a blood thinning drug.

You may have paid for your surgery beforehand: if not you can pay on the day. A hospital/clinic cashier will visit you to collect payment. You will find that most people like to do this before their surgery.

Your surgeon will come and visit you to see if you are alright. If you have any last minute questions then feel free to ask. He/she knows that you are feeling anxious or apprehensive before surgery and will put you at your ease.

You will give a consent form to sign which states that you fully understand what this procedure is about. It will also contain details of the risks and complications. Read this carefully, ask if you don’t understand any of the questions and then sign it. This gives your permission for your surgery to take place and is designed to protect you and your surgeon.

You will be given a theatre gown to change into.

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