How much does breast asymmetry surgery cost?

This will depend on how long the procedure takes and what combination of techniques your surgeon uses. If he/she uses breast augmentation which means implants then this will cost more than a technique which doesn’t.

Your surgeon may use a mix of techniques from breast uplift, breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery and so price will depend on which of these he/she uses.

The surgery can take from one to four hours so you can assume that the longer it takes the more expensive it will be.

The price will depend on what you are having done and whether it is a single breast or both breasts. Generally, you are looking at paying a minimum of £1,500. Others will charge within the range of £2,000 to nearly £3,000.

Some providers will display their prices whereas others require you to contact them for an individual quote.

As with any procedure, ‘shop around’ to get the best quote but do not be guided by price alone. Make sure you find a good, reputable surgeon before thinking about the cost.

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