I am interested in breast asymmetry surgery what do I do next?

You need to think carefully about your reasons for wanting breast asymmetry surgery. It can give great results but it will not change you as a person or your whole life. Advances in medical technology and a change in attitudes mean that cosmetic surgery is more popular than before: the results are much more natural looking and recovery time is less than it used to be.

People have a variety of reasons for wanting surgery but a common theme is dissatisfaction with body image. Many of us are unhappy with our bodies and would like to change them so that we look slimmer, toned, younger looking etc. The rise in celebrity culture and constant media attention on the lives of the rich and famous has also contributed to this.

The main issue here is that you want surgery for yourself: not to satisfy anyone else or because it might make you famous. You need to have realistic expectations about what the surgery can do and how that will impact upon your life. If you are looking to get promoted at work or to rejuvenate your marriage then this really isn’t the answer.

You are thinking about surgery because you want to change a part of your body. That might be your only reason for doing so. Are you looking at surgery because of this or is it because someone has made a comment about your appearance?

What you need to do is to investigate this procedure thoroughly. Do as much reading up on the subject as you can. Use the internet but make sure you visit reputable sites such as NHS choices or BAAPS. Try to avoid those sites which offer you special deals or ‘cut price’ surgery.

It may help if you talk to someone who has had this surgery. They will be able to tell you what the procedure entails and what happens afterwards. They can also recommend a surgeon which is important. Patient support groups are a good idea as you can meet people who have been in your position.

Have a talk with your GP as he/she can advise you and refer you to a surgeon. He/she will give you a non-judgemental opinion on what you are planning to do and will be sympathetic to your concerns.

If you have done all of these and are still keen to go ahead then your next step is to find a surgeon.

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