Can I have breast asymmetry surgery on the NHS?

This is very unlikely. Cosmetic surgery is not something the NHS will pay for as it is seen as something which is done for purely aesthetic reasons only. In other words, you have this surgery done because you want to improve your appearance.

However, if you need to have reconstructive surgery, either as a result of injury or disease and cosmetic surgery is also required then the NHS may pay. You will have to show that your condition is causing you severe mental distress. You will also need to be referred by your GP. Your local health authority will have a set of strict guidelines regarding this.

If a procedure can demonstrate that it will result in exceptional benefits for the patient then the NHS will pay. These procedures include male breast reduction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast uplift, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, otoplasty and blepharoplasty.

If any of these will help to reduce physical pain and psychological stress then the NHS may help.

If you have private medical insurance and are thinking of using this to pay for surgery then you are likely to be disappointed. Most insurance providers do not cover cosmetic surgery as they see it as not ‘medically essential’. They will probably treat it as a lifestyle choice. Check with your insurance company but in the vast majority of cases they do not pay out for cosmetic surgery.

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