What will happen after my breast lift surgery (breast uplift surgery)?

After surgery you will be taken to the recovery room which is attached to the theatre. Your progress will be carefully monitored by a specialist medical team who will check your heart rate and pulse at regular intervals.

Once they are happy with your progress you will then be returned to your room. A nurse will check the operation wounds and will also check your blood pressure as well. You may be given another injection of Heparin as well although you will be encouraged to move around as soon as you are able. This will help to prevent the formation of blood clots.

You will feel drowsy and dizzy from the anaesthetic which is entirely normal. This will take about 48 hours to wear off. During that time do not drive or perform a task which requires you to concentrate. Basically, you will feel a ‘bit out of it’ for a day or so. During your time in hospital you will be visited by at least one senior member of the medical team and can ask to see your surgeon at any time.

You will be discharged the next day. Your surgeon will visit you to see how you are doing and to arrange your first follow up visit. You will be given a date and time of this appointment. You will also be given contact details for your surgeon if you need to get in touch.

You will be given an ample supply of painkillers and a set of instructions on what to do following your surgery.

You will be given a discharge form to sign and once this is done, you are free to go.

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