How much does breast lift surgery (breast uplift surgery) cost?

Costs vary according to which surgeon you choose and the type of hospital or clinic. The price should include hospital care, surgeons and anaesthetists fees, pre and post surgery care, nursing care and costs incurred for any special equipment.

According to the Private Healthcare UK site, prices for breast uplift surgery range from £3,800 to £4,650. If you are looking at having breast augmentation at the same time then this will increase the price.

There are providers who list their prices on their web sites and others where you have to contact them to obtain an individual quote.

If you are looking for a cheaper quote then you could consider going abroad but bear in mind that you will need to factor in the costs of your flight and accommodation. Plus there are a few extra things which you need to consider. See the section: ‘Can I have this surgery in another country?’ for more information.

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