Can I have breast lift surgery (breast uplift surgery) abroad?

If cost is an issue for you then you can always consider going abroad for surgery. There are numerous surgeons and clinics in various parts of the world which perform cosmetic surgery procedures.

But it is something you to think through very carefully. It is a popular option as the costs are a lot less than the UK. However, you have to factor in the cost of your flight and accommodation. These costs can result in you paying more than if you had stayed in the UK.

Another important issue is that of aftercare. Aftercare is a vital part of the cosmetic surgery process. This is where your progress will be checked and, if things do go wrong, then it can be attended to straight away. That isn’t too much of a problem if you have had surgery in the UK but if you went abroad then you will have to arrange a flight back to the country where you had the surgery.

If you had surgery in France or Spain then it can be quicker to get a flight there than travelling by train here in the UK. If you live in the far north of the country and had your surgery in London then it can take longer to travel there than fly to a European country. So, this is something to take into account.

You need to think about how you will attend the follow up visits: you may be able to find a provider who conducts pre-surgery and post-surgery check ups here in the UK. The surgery itself will be performed in another country. You maintain contact with them via the phone and email.

If this is not available then you have to ask yourself if you are prepared to undergo a long haul flight, say to South Africa, a week following your surgery. There is the cost but more importantly, will you be well enough to do this. Bear in mind that recovery can take one to two weeks after surgery. The thought of having to get on a plane when you are not at your best and travel to a far away location may not be an attractive one.

You also need to check that the standards of treatment and care are as good as you would get in the UK. As with anything, go by your gut instincts. And, think about the language barrier as well. Most places will speak English but if you choose a clinic in a remote location then be aware that many of the staff may not speak English.

Check that your surgeon is a ‘board certified’ cosmetic plastic surgeon. This tends to be well regulated across Europe and the training is very similar to that in the UK. Quiet a few South African surgeons train in the UK. Foreign surgeons are unlikely to be members of BAAPS or BAPRAS but they will have their own, similar organisation. For example, France has the French Society of Plastic Surgery.

Some surgeons have a UK registration and will be registered on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgery. You can ask if they are on this register.

Obtain as much information as you can about the clinic and the surgeon. Ask the same questions as you would if choosing a surgeon in the UK. Question 7 in our Cosmetic Surgery: general FAQS section has a list of commonly asked questions.

Make sure that you fully understand what the procedure is and what it will involve. And that you are comfortable with your surgeon.

Ask for a quote and make sure you know what that includes. Is the aftercare included? Does the price include nursing/hospital care, anaesthetist’s fees, surgeon’s fees, costs of equipment etc? If you are offered a special deal than be wary of this. This ‘special deal’ might not include the aftercare. This means you will have to pay extra for your follow up visits.

Many foreign providers will offer a deal in which the surgery is combined with a short break. This means you have your surgery and then a short holiday afterwards. This may sound appealing but remember that the surgery is the most important aspect here.

Surgery is a serious undertaking and although it is safe, things can wrong. If you opt for this deal then you may find that you are taken to a hotel to rest after your surgery rather than staying in the hospital. The problem here is that if something does go wrong then the hotel is not equipped to deal with it.

If you choose to have surgery abroad then please check that your surgeon and clinic/hospital are licensed and reputable. Most surgeons are but there are a few unscrupulous places where profit is the only thing that matters.

The consequences of this are being seen by NHS surgeons who, very often are called upon to correct cases of ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery. They are seeing people who have gone abroad for surgery, mainly because it is cheaper than the UK but, in the end, have paid too high a price! The surgery is undertaken by unqualified surgeons who leave the patient in such a state that they require corrective surgery back her in the UK. The moral of the story here is to only have surgery abroad by a reputable clinic. If you are offered a deal which is too good to be true then it usually is.

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