Can I have breast lift surgery (breast uplift surgery) on the NHS?

Generally speaking, no, unless you can show that it is vitally important or is what might be termed a ‘medical essential’. The NHS does not view cosmetic surgery in that light and is over-stretched as it is. Resources are finite and funding is allocated on a priority basis.

Every Primary Care Trust (PCT) has a budget and they have to allocate funding to where the greatest need is. Priority is given to people who are seriously ill and not to ‘elective’ conditions or treatments.

They have to juggle competing demands for money and rising public expectations. There is a list of treatments which require funding and unfortunately, cosmetic surgery is a long way down that list.

Apart from financial reasons, another factor is that of attitude: there are people who still see cosmetic surgery as a ‘lightweight’ form of surgery. It is something that women with too much money and time on their hands have done and cannot be taken seriously.

Attitudes have changed as cosmetic surgery has a much higher profile than before but if you are looking to have this type of surgery then you will need to pay for it yourself.

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