I am interested in breast lift surgery (breast uplift surgery) what do I do next?

If you are seriously considering surgery – whether here or abroad then you need to have all the information you need before making a decision. Cosmetic surgery is not a trivial concern. It is major surgery and as such, carries a small amount of risk. Due to advances in medical science and technology, the chance of anything go wrong is very rare but complications do happen.

This is why it is vital that you fully understand what it entails and whether it can meet your expectations. Do plenty of research. Read up about the procedure, what it involves, the risks as well as the benefits and the results. When using the Internet for your research look for reputable sites and avoid those which appear to ‘trivialise’ surgery. If they offer ‘two for one’ deals or ‘lunchtime specials’ then be careful as profit rather than patient safety may be more important here.

If you can, talk to people who have had this surgery. They may also be able to recommend a surgeon or clinic.

Another good source of information is your GP. Your GP will be sympathetic to your desire for surgery and can provide you with good advice and help. He/she will be able to recommend a good clinic/hospital and can refer you to a surgeon.

You need to be honest with yourself about wanting surgery. Ask yourself some searching questions. Do you want surgery to improve your appearance or are there some deeper underlying reasons such as wanting promotion at work or to look like a particular model or celebrity? This is not some ‘elixir of youth’: the breasts will sag as a result of gravity, the ageing process and pregnancy. Surgery will help but is not a permanent solution.

This surgery works best for those women with small breasts. If you have large breasts which have started to sag then you will find that the results don’t last quite as long.

As well as doing your research your next step is to find a reputable section which is discussed in the next section.

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