What is the breast lift procedure?

The procedure involves lifting and firming the breasts. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete (for both breasts). It is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic and will require you to stay overnight in hospital.

There are several techniques for doing this procedure but the most common involves your surgeon making three incisions which form an ‘anchor shape’. These will enable him/her to remove the excess skin of the breast and move the nipple and areola to a higher position. He/she will also remove any excess fat and tissue.

The skin around the areola is drawn together which helps to reshape the breast. Another technique includes the less popular ‘doughnut’ uplift in which a series of circular incisions are made around the areola.

Breast uplift surgery is either performed on its own or in combination with breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation involves implants and if that is performed with the uplift the implants will be placed in a ‘pocket’ (made by an incision in the crease underneath the breast) under the breast tissue. It can also be located in a deeper position underneath the muscle of the chest wall.

The surgeon will close these incisions with stitches and will place a light dressing over these. This dressing will stay in place for a couple of weeks. The stitches are likely to be the dissolvable ones which will disappear over time. You will need to apply moisturiser to the area to stop it from drying out.

You will have to wear a sports bra which fastens up at the front to start with but after a few weeks you will be able to go back to a normal bra.

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