How do I prepare for my nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty)?

Your preparation includes stopping smoking – if you smoke, as this increases the risk of complications during surgery. It can also slow down your recovery time. If you can give up altogether then so much the better but if not, ensure that you stop at least two weeks before surgery. Do not resume smoking until two weeks after surgery.

If you are taking prescribed or over the counter medicines then you may have to stop taking these. It is a good idea to ask your GP about this.

Most patients take around a week to recover so arrange to take time off from work. It may be that you need ten days to a couple of weeks to recover so book this in advance.

You will be sore and tired for the first few days so arrange for someone to help you out at home. This means avoiding any lifting, bending or stretching. Ask your partner or a friend to look after your children (if you have a family) and take over the household tasks during this time.

Make sure you have enough painkillers and prescription medicine (if needed).

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