I am interested in nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) what do I do next?

You may be thinking of cosmetic surgery here in the UK or overseas but whatever you decide please think about it very carefully.

Do your research with the aim of knowing as much as you can about this procedure. Read through articles, papers etc. If possible talk to other people who have undergone this surgery. Talk to your GP.

Also, consider if you are ready for cosmetic surgery. If you have any stressful situations in your life or lead a hectic lifestyle generally then surgery might not be a good idea. Think about why you want this surgery. If it is for reconstructive reasons then it is a good option. If, however, you are considering it because it might change your life for the better, or will improve your marriage then it might not be the right choice.

Deciding to have surgery is a long process which makes a huge demand on your time and your life. You can expect to have some pain and discomfort afterwards and will have to book time off work. Will your employer agree to your taking up to two weeks off work?

Your partner and family will have to help you around the house for the first few days after your surgery. Are they able to do so? You will need plenty of physical and mental support so make sure you can get this. How do they feel about your wanting rhinoplasty? Are they supportive? How do they feel about you wanting to improve your appearance?

Other issues include cost and finding a reputable surgeon. You need to think about how you will pay for this surgery. You may be fortunate in that the NHS will pay but usually, patients have to pay for this surgery themselves.

How will you do this? You may have to use your savings or take out a personal loan. Another option is to take a loan administered by the cosmetic provider. They have their own finance schemes and offer ‘medical loans’ as a means of paying for surgery. This is a monthly repayment scheme with competitive terms and conditions.

Your next step is to draw up a list of surgeons to ‘interview’. This means finding a few highly regarded ones and asking them a series of questions in turn. The next question deals with this in more detail.

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