Can I have nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) abroad ?

Many people choose to go abroad for surgery as it can mean a cheaper procedure combined with a stay in a nice, sunny location.

The thought of being able to have your surgery followed by a relaxing stay in another country is very tempting but do consider this very carefully.

What you need to think about is the standard of care, the reputation of the surgeon, the aftercare and so on.

You want to be sure that the clinic or hospital operates to the same high standards here in the UK. So, check to see if your surgeon is ‘board certified’: by that we mean are they a member of a professional body similar to BAPRAS or BAAPS. Some surgeons have undergone their training here in the UK and may be registered on the UK’s General Medical Council - Specialist Register of Plastic Surgery.

You want a surgeon who specialises in this type of surgery, has performed it many times, has a high success rate and is competent, professional and approachable. He or she should be concerned with caring for your health and wellbeing and not monetary reasons.

When deciding upon a clinic or hospital, make sure that the staff can speak English, that the facilities are clean and professional and that the duty of care does not end when you have your surgery.

If your rhinoplasty package includes a stay in a luxury hotel just be aware that if you are discharged to this hotel after surgery that they will not be able to deal with any complications if they arise. Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure but things can go wrong and if they do then you will want to know that you are in the best place to deal with them.

What you need to take into account are the costs of the flight and accommodation. If you need to fly out to an overseas clinic more than once then these costs will add up.

If you can find a surgeon who is prepared to conduct the initial consultation and follow up visits in this country then consider that option. You would only have to arrange your travel and accommodation for the actual surgery itself.

What you also need to consider is travelling home after surgery. Surgery can be quite stressful and you will need time to rest and heal. If you have arranged to have your procedure in Thailand or some other country which requires a long haul flight then will you be up to taking this flight straight after surgery? There is the risk of blood clots during a long flight and this risk can increase for people who have had surgery.

If you are feeling sore, swollen and off colour would you fancy a 10 or 12 hour flight back to the UK?

When you are asking for a quote check to see what the price includes. You may be offered a cheap or special deal but that cur price offer may not include the cost of the aftercare. That’s if aftercare is offered at all.

If something goes wrong then you may have to return to have it put right. This can mean that your so called cheap deal turns out to be more expensive than you thought.

The risk is that overseas clinics may operate different rules and regulations and those might not be as good as you get in the UK. Unfortunately, people have had surgery abroad and have suffered complications which then have to be put right by the NHS. You will find that many UK cosmetic surgeons do not recommend what they see as ‘holiday surgery’.

You may be shown photographs of the results of rhinoplasty and whilst these may look attractive you need to research this thoroughly. Do not be swayed in your decision by glossy brochures and photographs.

Adopt the same process as if you were planning on staying in the UK for surgery: research surgeons and clinics thoroughly and ask plenty of questions. Do not make a decision until you are completely certain that it is the right decision for you.

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