What is the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure?

If you are having the partial abdominoplasty or the extended abdominoplasty then these are discussed in more detail in their individual sections.

The full abdominoplasty takes around two to three hours approximately, and is usually performed under a general anaesthetic.

Your surgeon will make a long incision which runs horizontally from one hipbone to the other. This is just above the pubic area. The length of this will depend on how much fat and loose skin you have in the lower abdomen.

He/she will then make a second incision which frees the navel or belly button from the surrounding tissue.

The skin is separated from the abdominal wall and lifts a large flap of skin which shows the vertical muscles in your abdomen. He or she will take hold of these muscles and pull them together into a new position which tightens these muscles. This will firm and tone the abdominal wall as well as slimming the waistline.

Any surplus skin is removed. The flap of skin is pulled down and secured by a series of stitches and dressings are applied. A supporting girdle is also applied.

A new hole will have been cut for your navel which may be stitched in a new place.

Your surgeon may insert slim, drainage tubes to remove excess fluid. These are a temporary measure only.

The aim is to position the incision so that the scars will be hidden by your swimwear and underwear.

You are looking at one to two nights in hospital as a result of this procedure.

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