Can I get help towards paying for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)?

If you are looking to the NHS to pay then you will probably find that they will refuse to do so on the grounds of it being a ‘lifestyle’ choice rather than a medical emergency.

However, if you are considering abdominoplasty because of excessive weight loss or excess skin following abdominal surgery or pregnancy then they might pay.

They will have a set of stringent criteria for assessing suitability for surgery. They will make a decision based upon the amount of benefit likely to be gained from a cosmetic procedure. In other words, if you can demonstrate that there are likely to be substantial physical, mental and social benefits from your undergoing this surgery then you have a good chance of the NHS paying for your treatment.

The first step is to speak to your GP. He or she will be able to advise you about making an application and will lend a sympathetic and objective ear to your concerns. If he/she feels that you have a good case then he/she will refer you to a NHS plastic surgeon.

This will involve a physical and psychological assessment to determine your fitness for this procedure and the impact upon your health and wellbeing.

If your local health authority decides that there will be a significant benefit then you will be treated on the NHS.

If you are refused then you will have to pay privately for your abdominoplasty. Your options here are to pay for the surgery yourself out of your savings or to apply for a loan. If you are looking at a loan then you have the choice of a personal loan from your bank or building society or a medical loan from a cosmetic provider. These are similar to the loans administered by the high street banks and allow you to repay on a monthly basis.

If you have private health insurance then you can check with your insurer to see if they will cover the cost. Be aware that they may adopt the same policy as in not covering surgery undertaken for aesthetic reasons. If, there is a medical reason then, like the NHS, they may pay.

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