Who should consider tummy tuck surgery / abdominoplasty

If you are in good health, emotionally stable and have realistic expectations about this surgery then you will be considered to be a good candidate.

It helps if you follow a healthy eating and exercise regime as you will need to continue this to ensure that you retain that flatter, tighter abdomen.

Women who have recently had a baby find this surgery useful as it can tighten loose skin which has stretched as a result of their pregnancy.

It can also benefit older patients who notice that the skin around their midriff has lost some elasticity. It can also remove excess fat gained as a result of a slowing down of the metabolism. If you are carrying a fair degree of weight then you will be advised to lose that before being considered for surgery.

As with any type of cosmetic surgery your suitability will be carefully assessed during your consultation with a surgeon.

Both men and women are suitable for this procedure.

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