How do I find an tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgeon?

Our Cosmetic Surgery: General FAQs section contains useful information on finding a surgeon.

Shop around and obtain the names and contact details of several surgeons before making a decision. Make sure you find the surgeon who is right for you. You want to feel confident in his or her professional abilities and level of experience.

Good places to start are BAAPS and/or BAPS, BAPRAS, the GMC, The Healthcare Commission and The Department of Health.

If you know of others who have had this procedure then ask them for a recommendation. Another good source is your GP.

A good idea is to compile a shortlist of surgeons and then talk to each of them in turn. You may be able to have a short chat with them via email or over the phone. Some providers will offer a free consultation but check to see what that involves.

You will have to pay a fee when you attend a full consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

Keep in mind that a good surgeon should be concerned with your wellbeing only and with ensuring what’s right for you. This should take precedence over his /her wants. If a surgeon or clinic appears to be ‘pushy’ or is pressurising you then find someone else.

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