What will happen on the day of my tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery?

When you get up, have a shower but do not put any make up on. Do a last minute check around the house and then have someone drive you to the hospital or clinic.

When you arrive at the clinic or hospital you will have to go through a standard admissions procedure. This is purely routine and involves you filling in some forms with details of your name, address, age, next of kin etc.

If you have not already paid for your surgery then a hospital cashier will settle that with you. Most people prefer to settle the payment before they have their surgery.

Once you done all this you will be taken to your room and helped to settle in. The medical staff will help you to unpack and put your things away. They are also there to reassure you.

A nurse will come and see you to undertake a series of pre-surgery checks. These include taking a blood and urine sample, taking your blood pressure and measuring your height and weight. He or she will also give you a pair of compression stockings to change into.

These stockings are designed to prevent the build up of blood clots in the legs which can be dangerous. Blood thinning medicines such as Heparin can also protect against this.

You will have a visit from your surgeon. He or she is there to put your mind at ease and answer any last minute questions that you may have. If you have not already done so then you will be given a consent form to sign. This is what they term ‘informed consent’ and is a statement to the effect that you understand what the procedure is and what the risks are.

Take plenty of time reading through this and if you see anything you don’t understand then ask. Once you are happy with everything in this form then sign it and pass it back to your surgeon.

The length of your procedure and the type of anaesthesia you have depends on whether you are undergoing a full, partial or extended abdominoplasty.

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