What are the risks of abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck)?

This is a highly popular and safe procedure. When performed by an experienced, professional surgeon then it generally works well and gives great results.

Nevertheless, there are risks with all types of surgery. There are complications which can happen to any surgical procedure and these include infection, bleeding, haematoma, adverse reaction to anaesthesia and scarring.

Every procedure has risks which are specific to that procedure. In the case of abdominoplasty these are:

  • Numbness to the thighs or abdomen
  • This can happen if there has been nerve damage during surgery. It tends to happen below the navel and is usually temporary. Sensation will return but can leave a small area permanently without sensation

  • Skin or fat necrosis
  • This is where tissue alongside the abdominal incision dies. This can happen if it has been an extensive abdominoplasty. Necrosis can delay healing tends to be more of a problem in those patients who smoke.

  • Haematoma
  • This can occur if blood is not drained via the drainage tubes and collects under the skin. It can form a blood volt in this case.

If this happens then the patient will require further surgery to drain this and stop any further bleeding.

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