Q9. How will my claim be handled?

A9. Your claim starts with an initial assessment by a claims assessor, lawyer or solicitor.

He or she will look at all the evidence provided to support your case and will obtain further information if necessary.

Once he/she has this information they will determine if you have a strong case or not and if so will take this on for you. They will also discuss the possible outcome of your case.

This claim is then sent to the guilty party and their insurance company. In most cases this is settled out of court but there are situations in which it has to be heard in a courtroom.

You should be kept up to date on how your case is progressing at each stage of the process.

Find out more in our personal injury claim process section.

Personal Injury Guide

Personal injury FAQs

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  2. Can I claim compensation for any type of injury?
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  7. What is ‘no win no fee?’
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  1. How will my claim be handled?
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  3. Will my case go to court?
  4. How long does a personal injury claim take?
  5. Can I make a claim even though my injury occurred whilst I was abroad?
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Personal Injury Guide

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