Criminal compensation order

This refers to the court’s right to order the perpetrator of a criminal act to pay compensation to their victim for a personal injury.

This includes a physical and/or psychological injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of a violent crime. This is normally made in preference to a fine if the perpetrator is unable to pay for both.

If a compensation order is not authorised by a court of law then that court has to provide a reason for not doing so.

If you choose this option then you do not have to apply to the court beforehand. The court has the necessary powers to do so and will consider evidence put forward by both the defence and the prosecution.

This will also include details of your injury, damage or loss caused by the perpetration of this act.

The perpetrator pays compensation to the court which is then forwarded to you.

The maximum amount of compensation paid in this way is £5,000. It does depend upon what the perpetrator can afford but whatever is decided on the court will enforce it.

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