Spinal injuries abroad claims

This refers to spinal injuries which have occurred due to an accident abroad.

A spinal injury is often a life changing experience for both the victim and their family. In many cases it results in life long paralysis which has serious consequences for everyone involved.

If you sustain a spinal injury then you are probably facing many months of treatment and rehabilitation. This may be followed by specialist care and support, often on a 24 hour basis.

Effects of a spinal injury abroad

One of the effects of a spinal injury is a change in circumstances, particularly income levels. People who have suffered this type of injury experience a loss of earnings due to the fact that they have had to give up work. This means a reduction in their income level which then impacts upon their lifestyle.

One consequence of this is financial hardship.

If you have sustained a spinal injury whilst on business or holiday abroad then consider making a claim for compensation. This is an option if the accident was not your fault and you can prove that it occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

There is the physical impact of the injury and psychological trauma plus the added stress of having to travel back home and the subsequent readjustment.

Making a claim for compensation from a spinal injury abroad

There are two aspects of a spinal injury:

  • The injury itself
  • The change in daily circumstances

If a spinal injury has resulted in paralysis then this have a dramatic effect on your life. You will be confined to a wheelchair which means adjusting to the changes this brings.

There is compensation for the pain of the injury plus the loss of earnings. There is likely to be additional costs such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, taxi fares to hospital, pain management and nursing care. This can also include having to make alterations to your home to allow you to move around e.g. wheelchair access and paying for special aids to enable you to carry out day to day tasks.

All of these are likely to be expensive which is where a compensation claim can help. The payout may cover the cost of some or all of these services.

A personal injury claim can be handled by a claims assessor or claims management company; personal injury solicitor or lawyer. They will take into account any evidence you have obtained from the scene of the accident, a medical report from a doctor or your GP and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Time limit for claiming compensation for a spinal injury abroad

The time limit for this type of claim is within 3 years of the accident.

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