Hijacking claims

The likelihood of you being involved in a hijack is rare but it does happen. There will always be a risk of hijacking due to several reasons, e.g. terrorism.

As a result of this there are claims assessors who are specially trained to deal with compensation claims following a hijacking. They will have a deep level of understanding regarding the outcome of this type of incident and are able to provide support and advice.

They will understand the psychological distress caused by such an incident, one example being post traumatic stress disorder which can have long term effects.

What is a hijack?

Aeroplane hijacking is defined as the illegal seizure of an airplane by a group of people, usually for political reasons. They will force the pilot of the airplane to fly to whatever destination they wish and will take the passengers and crew as hostages.

These hostages will be used as a form of bargaining for financial or political reasons. An example of this is taking hostages in order to negotiate a release of political prisoners.

A hijack can occur as an act of terrorism, for example the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Hijacks can occur on other forms of transport such as a bus, coach or a car.

Advice in a hijack situation

The chances of you becoming a victim of a hijack are slim but if it does happen then you are advised to do the following:

  • Co-operate with your assailants
  • Handover any valuables
  • Remain calm
  • Avoid any sudden movements
  • Do not make unnecessary eye contact with your assailants
  • Answer any questions you are asked but keep them brief and to the point.
  • Remain watchful and alert

Some travel companies offer hijack travel insurance in the event that someone does go wrong. But this insurance may be not cover hijackings which occur as an act of terrorism.

Making a claim for compensation following a hijack

Once a hijack situation has been resolved the victims of this situation will require counselling for the mental distress caused as a result of this.

There are personal injury law firms who have expertise in dealing with hijacking claims in any part of the world. They will be able to help and advise anyone in regard to compensation for what is an extremely traumatic experience.

A compensation claim for injuries incurred from a hijack is a specialist type of claim. But if you want general information about the claims process then visit our making a claim for compensation section.

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