Reckless conduct claims

Contact sports or those which are deemed to be physical have a greater risk of injury than others. Football, rugby, boxing and martial arts are based upon physical contact between people and it is inevitable that someone will sustain an injury as a result.

Anyone who participates in these types of sports understands the risks and willingly accepts them knowing that there is always a chance that they will get hurt. In these cases they accept responsibility for an injury and treat it as a part of the game.

But there are situations in which a person is injured deliberately, in order to gain an unfair advantage; or as a result of reckless behaviour, e.g. an over the top tackle on a football pitch.

Sport is competitive and as in any walk of life some people are more competitive than others. This can manifest itself as aggressive or irresponsible behaviour which places another person at danger and results in an injury.

If you have been injured in a sports activity due to malicious or rash behaviour then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Making a claim for compensation for reckless conduct

Is it possible to claim compensation for reckless behaviour? The answer to that is ‘yes’if you have evidence to show that your injury was caused by a lack of control on the part of another person.

An example of this is football where players have been injured due to irresponsible or illegal tackles. Whilst the game is competitive and played to win every player has a responsibility to ensure that they play within the spirit of the game and be mindful of others.

But it is all too easy to forget that. Passions run high and may cause people to adopt strategies within a game to ensure that they win at all costs.

It is difficult to prove but not impossible as there have been cases where compensation has been awarded due to reckless behaviour.

Find a personal injury lawyer or solicitor who has knowledge and expertise in this area and understands the complex issues involved in these types of claims.

He or she will advise you about the claims process and the importance of having evidence to support your claim. However, he/she will assess your claim initially to see if you have a strong case for compensation.

Sports injury claims are complex cases which require the services of a lawyer or solicitor who has handled many of these cases before and can advise you accordingly.

For further information visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for reckless conduct

A personal injury claim usually has a 3 year time limit. This means that you must submit a claim within 3 years of the date of the accident or injury.

But it is a good idea to confirm this with your lawyer or solicitor so that you submit your claim within this time frame.

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