Unsafe surface or sporting facility accident claims

This refers to claims for a personal injury which has been sustained on a defective surface and/or within a sports venue. Examples of this include a fault in the surface of an all-weather football pitch or a defect within the changing rooms of a sports venue.

This ‘defect’can take the form of a problem with the showers in the sports venue, faulty lighting, slippery floors or equipment left where people can fall over it. It can also refer to substandard equipment and facilities in general.

Duty of care

If you participate in sport then you expect to take a certain amount of responsibility for your actions. You understand that sport by its very nature is risky and that there is always the chance of an accident or injury.

However whilst it is reasonable to expect this and to accept that you have consented to this risk; it is not unreasonable to expect the owners of the venue or sports facility to have adopted a similar approach.

This means putting health and safety guidelines in place to reduce the risk of an accident. They have a duty of care to anyone who participates in sports activities within their venue and provide a realistic level of protection.

Equipment and sports facilities should be maintained on a regular basis. The equipment should be checked and sports surfaces such as football pitches, tennis/badminton/squash courts should be examined and repaired if necessary.

Anyone who sustains an injury as a result of poorly maintained facilities or unsafe equipment may have grounds for compensation. If this has happened to you then consider making a claim.

Making a claim for compensation for an unsafe surface or accident within a sporting facility

A sports injury causes a great deal of inconvenience to not only the person affected but their family as well. There is the pain and discomfort of the injury which may result in that person taking time off work which affects their earnings.

This loss of earnings is stressful for their family who then face a drop in income and the threat of financial hardship. Plus there may be additional expenses such as the cost of physiotherapy sessions, treatment, medication and specialist aids, e.g. crutches.

If you are awarded compensation then this will hopefully cover the cost of these and any other financial losses. This may also include expenses such as prescription charges and travel fares to and from hospital.

Look for a solicitor or personal injury law firm who has dealt with these types of claims before and with a successful outcome. They will have knowledge and experience in this field and a deep understanding of the many complex issues that are involved.

He or she will assess your claim to determine the likely outcome and to see if there are enough grounds for proceeding. If there are then they should discuss each stage of the process and provide help and support at the same time.

To learn more about the claims process visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for an unsafe surface or accident within a sporting facility

There are strict time limits for personal injury claims –usually 3 years from the date of the accident.

If you want to be certain that you will submit your claim within the time limit then confirm this deadline with your solicitor or lawyer. He or she should be able to advise you about the importance of making a compensation claim within the time limit.

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