Dental claims

Dentists are highly trained professionals who provide an important and necessary service to the general public. Our teeth are like the rest of our health in that they require regular care and attention to ensure that they remain in tip top condition.

When you visit your dentist you trust that he/she is competent and experienced and will perform the correct procedure to the highest standard.

This is true in most cases but unfortunately there are people who experience pain and discomfort due to a lack of duty of care from their dentist.

If this duty of care falls below the recognised standard then you may be able to claim compensation. This includes a misdiagnosis, mistakes made during treatment or neglect.

Types of dental negligence

There are a wide variety of procedures involved in dentistry which is why there is always a risk of something going wrong. They include:

  • Insufficient treatment
  • Careless treatment
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Lack of treatment

If any of these result in pain and discomfort which could have been avoided then there may be grounds for compensation.

Examples of poor treatment include: incorrectly placed dental implant, poorly carried out root canal surgery, incorrect denture fitting and mistakes made during oral surgery.

The impact of dental negligence

This results in damaged teeth which may require expensive and extensive treatment to correct the initial error. You may require specialist treatment such as that provided by an orthodontist or replacement teeth.

The pain and discomfort is upsetting but this can be further compounded by the additional cost of further appointments and treatment. If you have to arrange time off work for dental treatment then this may cause a loss of earnings which then affects you and your family’s level of income.

Dental treatment is expensive and if you require extra treatment due to incompetence or neglect then this becomes even more so.

If you can prove that there has been dental negligence or a lack of care then this will increase the chance of a successful claim for compensation.

This is a complex area which requires the services of a specialist lawyer or solicitor who has experience in handling these types of claims.

Making a claim for compensation due to dental negligence

Contact a personal injury lawyer who has expertise in dealing with dental negligence claims. Alternatively, find a solicitor with the relevant experience.

They should have in-depth knowledge of the many complex issues associated with dental claims and should handle your case with sympathy and understanding.

A lawyer or solicitor will ask you about your injury and will assess your case to determine if there are sufficient grounds for making a compensation claim.

To learn more about the claims process visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for dental negligence

Personal injury claims have strict time limits –usually 3 years from the date of the accident, injury or illness. However this may differ in claims of dental negligence.

Your lawyer or solicitor will be able to advise you about the deadline for this type of claim.

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